Exploring Blackness Beyond Borders: Aalyiah Heath's Artistic Journey from Detroit to Paris

AUP alum is the guest curator for an exhibit at AUP’s Fine Arts Gallery, the University’s first in honor of Black History Month, called “An Ode to Blackness...Everywhere.”

Exploring Paris and AUP in 2024: Events and Highlights

From roundtables to festivals, and from author presentations to the Olympics, Paris in 2024 offers a plethora of events for the intellectually and culturally curious.

History Illustrated: WWI Poster Exhibit Bridges Past and Present

In Fall 2023, AUP Arts presented “Solidarity vis-à-vis Recurring Issues,” the third in a series of exhibits of original WWI-era lithographic posters, which were created by hand-printing images from stone or metal plates.

AUP Student Leader Represents at 2023 Women’s Forum

Morgan Smith, a current AUP student in MSc Strategic Brand Management, recently had the chance to attend the Women’s Forum Global Meeting as a Youth Ambassador.

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AUP Celebrates Black History Month

Join us as we honor and learn from the myriad contributions of black individuals to history, culture, society and beyond.

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You will learn to break out of your comfort zone, step beyond the bounds of general knowledge and discover your passions. Students and faculty bring their diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and perspectives into the classroom. You’ll learn to be a cultural translator with the capacity to analyze, adapt and thrive in any environment. All you need to be a global explorer is the courage to live and learn in an international environment.

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Our professors act as both mentors and collaborators, pushing you to question ideas and reflect on varied topics. Coming from renowned universities all over the world, faculty members work to expose you to multiple disciplines, professions and institutions. AUP’s small community means greater faculty-student interaction, and professors are excited to welcome you to campus, to hear your ideas and to help you decide on your future path.

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We measure the success of our mission by the impact our graduates have on the world. Many alumni take on leadership roles in international organizations. An exposure to multidisciplinary and multicultural perspectives coupled with a deep-dive into a particular field of expertise means graduates are able to apply their classroom learning successfully in a variety of careers. What you can achieve at AUP is just a preview of what you can achieve after graduation.  

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An Urban Campus in the Heart of Paris

Paris offers you incredible opportunities for academic, personal and artistic exploration.

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